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Package costs and inclusions: 

Australian Led Treks: $3900

Inclusions: Two nights accommodation in Port Moresby (one at the commencement and one at the conclusion of your trek), charter flight between Kokoda and Port Moresby, all track fees, licensing and accommodation costs. All meals on the track are included, as is the use of a company tent. Further inclusions include, entry to Brigade Hill and Isurava Memorial sites and other local historical site visits. This price also includes Bomana War Cemetery and city tours. 
Breathtaking views, stunning scenery, combined with a physical and emotionally enriched holiday, all at a competitive cost.
Breathtaking Views
Quality Equipment Hire
The climb is worth it! Kokoda is renowned for the severity of the terrain, but it is so worth the effort. Some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see; you will not be disappointed with the tranquil scenery and stunning backdrops that fill your day. 
Each trekker will receive complimentary use of one of our tents. Each tent had been specifically designed for the tropical environment with built in mosquito net and rain proof cover.

For those that require, we hire back packs to carry all your essential items. These can be hired through the office for $80.

Groups Welcome
Carrying your own pack or hiring a Personal Porter?
Do you have a group of six or more? Give us a call for a special rate. 

Do you want to raise money for an organisation? We will happily assist you in facilitating this event. 
Our porters are residents of the Kokoda Trail. Most of our team walk the trail as their primary mode of transport between villages.  We ensure that when you utilise our services for a personal porter that you will be matched with somebody that has your best interest at heart, wants to see you succeed and will go above and beyond to maintain your health and happiness. You can be assured that our porters are cared for and receive the fee that you paid for them, we do not make money off this service. It's a contract between you and the porter, facilitated by us. That's our guarantee! It's our recommendation that in order to best enjoy your experience that you hire a porter, that's for the friendships made in addition to the support you will provide to the local people and their community.

Porter Cost: $500
2018 Trek​​ Dates
09 - 17 March 2018

06 - 14 July 2018
Begin your journey with a charter flight over the Owen Stanley Ranges. Look from above at the jungle below and the chllenges that lay ahead. You will follow the path of the Australian withdrawal and learn about the history of this epic battle as it unfolded. Call today and start planning your adventure. 
Trekknig from Kokoda to Owers Corner, start your journey with a stunning flight across the Owen Stanley Ranges. On this 8 night trek​​​​ ​we are going to take time to explore this magnificent country and take the time to stop, rest and relax in the stunning water holes and spectacular hill top lookouts. Call today as places on this trip is on sale and places have already started to sell.

2 spaces left

On Sale

01 - 09 April 2018
12 - 20 August 2018
Starting in the village of Kokoda, follow the path of the Australian withdrawal and learn the heroic stories of our soldiers as they unfolded. Finish your journey with a visit to the Bomana War Cemetery and stare see the headstones of the men and woman that you have learnt about on your journey. Call today to discuss this trek
Your trek commences at the village of Kokoda and follows the Australian withdrawal south towards Port Moresby. The track is beautiful at this time of year. The weather is perfect, the water a little warmer and the track a little drier. Finish your journey visiting the Bomana War Cemetrey where the story and gravity of the war becomes a reality. 

On Sale

18 - 26 April 2018
 24 Sept - 03 Oct 2018
Beginning at Owers Corner, we walk north towards Kokoda over an 8 night journey.  Enjoy the stunning swimming holes and tackle the more severe climbs earlier in this trek. You'll spend ANZAC Day at the site of the Battle of Isurava and watch the sun rise over the monument, sharing this once in a lifetime experience with your fellow Australians. Watch in awe what is quite possibly the most humbling Dawn Service that you will ever experience. This trek will sell fast so call today to book your place. 
A 9 night trek commencing at the village of Kokoda. This trek has an additional night and is perfect for those worried about their fitness with completing the track. Why not remove the stress and take the extra day with shorter distances to travel in the middle phases of your adventure. Enjoy the extra time reflecting on the stories and enjoying the PNG hospitality.  


18 - 25 May 2018
14 - 22 October 2018
Start your journey at Owers Corner and follow in the path of our fore-fathers. See the severity of the terrian and wonder how they managed to transport their stores and personal equipment over the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges, 
Finish in style with swimming in water holes, eating coconuts and with a flight back over the Owen Stanley Ranges to reflect on your journey and be amazed by what you have achieved. Upon landing from your charter flight, head back to the Bomana War Cemetrey and reflect prior to celebrating on your achievement in style. 

2 spaces remain

16 - 24 June 2018
06 - 15 November 2018
Beginning at Owers Corner, spend 9 wonderful days walking the hostoric Kokoda Trail climbing over the highest points making your wat to the village of Kokoda. Enjoy the stories of heroism and mateship from someone that knows what its like in a war zone. June is a fantastic time to trek, the water levels are still high and the track is starting to dry from the wet sesson monsoon.
Our final trek of the year will be massive. We have big things planned for this trek and aim to send the year out in style! Walking from Owers Corner to Kokoda spend time at the best villages and enjoy the culture of our 100% Kokoda Cultural experience at the village of Efogi 2. Be welcomed into the village by the villagers, listen to children sing and dine on the local produce cooked the traditional way. 


Do these dates not work for you?
​Call to discuss your dates of choice, we are happy to accommodate where able
Want help preparing for Kokoda?

Our training program is designed specifically for your challenge. 

RRP: $400

Don't know how to train for Kokoda? Let us take that worry off your hands. Your training program will not only  get you to the start line, it sets you up to finish with a smile.
Your program has specifically been designed by Cam to set you up for success. Cam acknowledges that most undertaking this life changing event have to prepare around work, family, and everything else that life throws at you. Your program is not designed to walk long distances every day, rather it's designed to prepare you for the joint stability, strength and endurance requirements that walking Kokoda demands. 

More to the point, Cam is available to talk to you about your training and to help you prepare for your journey. Being a quaified Personal Trainer who specialises in strength and conditioning in addition to proprioception, Cam understands what you need to do in order to best prepare. Your program comes with daily and weekly requirements and you are able to call, email or facetime Cam to ask questions about your preparation. You will receive emails with hints on training as well as video's to help you get the best out of your training. 


​Lea, 42 

​Jane, 30

As a female trekking on my own, finding someone that took my safety seriously was paramount. To discover that I was the only female in my group it then also became important to me that I was treated no differently to any of my male counterparts.

In both regards, Cam reassured me completely and I barely had to think about either. I felt comfortable, safe and relaxed the entire time. As a leader, Cam went to the enth degree to ensure we not only enjoyed the physical hiking experience, but were provided the full measure of Kokoda's history. He had an obvious personal interest in the war; his recall of event details was phenonimal and made for an authentic and humbling insight into the war and its affects. Cam gave 100% of himself during the trek, spending time with each member of the group throughout each day and made the evenings fun and interactive.

I had the experience of a lifetime, I achieved a life goal, met amazing people and learnt more than I ever imagined. I highly recommend trekking with Cam.
Trekking the rugged wilderness of the Kokoda Trail was a positive life changing experience. Having been fortunate to have previously completed other internationally renowned treks I had high expectations when signing up to trek Kokoda. I was not disappointed - my expectations were not only met but also exceeded, returning home richer for the knowledge, memories and friendships founded on the trek. 

I cannot speak highly enough of our Trek Leader Cam who passionately shared his phenominal knowledge of Kokoda's history, enhanced by his own military experience. Cam's passion and enthusiasm was contagious, and despite the physical exhaustion at the end of each day we all retired to our tents looking forward to the next day's adventure. Cam ensured the health and saftey of each and every one of us was of paramount importance and it was easy to find comfort in his professionalism and natural leadership, as was further reflected by the obvious mutual respect Cam had with the porters and local communities.

Lachan, 22

Karina, 40

When undertaking this challenge I thought "I've got this". Wow wasnt I foolish! Trekking Kokoda was tough, but not un-achieveable. I knew that I was fit enough, but it was everything else that caught me by surprise, the walking was the easy part. Cam detailed the war in ways that I had never imagined. He painted a visual picture in our minds that made us feel like we were there during he war. He took me to emotional places that I didn't know were in me and I have come away from this experience with not only a greater appreciation of what it means to be Australian, but also the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

Cam's experience as a soldier topped this off, his ability to dicsuss military organisations and tactics was something that we were all amazed by. He didn't use military terminology, rather described the war in a way that we all understood. Added to this were his own remarkable stories working with the bomb teams in Afghanistan, patrolling the Pakistani desert and working on the Malaysian Airlines MH017 disaster, bringing the bodies and plane wrecking home. Cam was humble, humerous and really opened my eyes, for that I am forever grateful. 
I was a member of a very small group, with Cam as our tour guide. 

Over the 9 days that he was with us he was a god-send - patient when the self doubt crept in, encouraging when the track got tough and full of information about the key historical sites along the way. I am quite sure that we tested his resolve on numerous occassions, but he clearly has the patience of a saint. 

Cam managed to give heroes and stories of the Kokoda campaign their due regards as well as directly relating it back to more recent military campaigns and his own personal experiences. His story telling abilities reduced me to tears on more than one occassion. 

This was truely a once in a lifetime experience and I will be forever grateful for Cam's encouragement. His support was, in no small way, instrumental in making sure that everyone in our group were safe, remained healthy and that we all reached our goal. 

I cannot thank-you enough Cam.  

Dee, 43

Peter, 41

I have had the privledge of trekking the Kokoda Trail with Cam in both directions, I was the first Pom that he had taken across the trail and I would not hesitate for a second recommending 100% Kokoda to anyone that wants to experience this incredible journey. The journey will challenge you in ways that you cant imagine, and if like me, you are interested in the history, this trek will hook you in with every step. ​

For me trekking the Kokoda Trail was the most awe inspiring, uplifting and emotional journey I have ever endured. During your trek you will find the experience will stir emotions that you never thought possible. In fact, for most of us, this experience is life changing. 

Cam was the reason why I travelled back to PNG for a second time. He made such a great impression on me with his knowledge and passion for keeping this important history alive. I knew that I would be travelling back to PNG to re-do the trail before I had even left. 

Cam has a natural ability to bring out the best in people, he takes time to talk to each person to find out their background, circumstances and why they chose to trek Kokoda. Within a matter of hours upon meeting, everyone in the group was relaxed with one another and all having a laugh together. What Cam does with his social media is great. It was amazing to get to meet the other trekkers through his facebook page and learn a little about one another prior to travelling to PNG, this made me feel at ease. 

The thing that I believe makes 100% Kokoda stand out from the rest is that Cam in an actual Soldier. Cam has a way of getting everyone into the mind set of a soldier, and he is able to explain things like you are in the midst of the battle and actually there as it happened. He explains in great detail withouth using military jargon which was important for someone like me as I do not have a military background. What he says and how he says it is very easy to understand and makes complete sense.

Cam has had recent military experience in such places as Afghanistan and he has the ability to bring the battles to life, for example explaining what might happen if you walked into an ambush, how it all works and how you are going to be feeling, he puts you into thier shoes. You can find yourself on a blind corner on the track, lined up one behind the other and Cam will stop you and explain in the same position what the first soldier will be doing, what he is looking for, what he is thinking and what he is feeling. He will then do this for the remainder of the people and make you see it from their perspective. His attention to detail is incredible and you find yourself staring at the jungle, walking stick in your hand as your rifle moving slowly around the bend waiting to be ambushed.

Whilst trekking the battlefields, if like me, take the time to stand and think away from the remainder of the group, even for just a moment. Its very easy to imagine what occured at that very place. You are able to see the battles occurring around you, all because of how Cam explained it. 

Although a very peaceful track now, I found that I could feel things that had happened out there. Its  kind of an eery place, but also a very special place with beautiful rugged terrain with the most magnificent views from the villages that are dotted throughout the trail. 

Once you have completed the Kokoda Trail you will come away with a massive understanding of the history of the campaign, of what happened at every location and a have a deep admiration and connection with all that fought there. 

I am already planning a third trip with more friends who are all itching to experience the Kokoda Trail, Maybe I'll see you out on the Track. 
How can someone you only spent 9 days with have such a profound impact on your life? It's the one thing I never really thought of in all of my planning to walk Kokoda was the guide that you experience it with and their ability to make the trek come alive, convey the story and get you safely to the other end. 

If you are reading testimonials you have pretty much made a decision that will change your life - book it NOW! It is amazing. 

I researched at length training tips, what to pack, how to look after my feet, what boots to buy, history of the conflict etc etc but I neglected to really put any thought to who I was walking with or who I was guided by. 

I had the privledge of being led by Cam James our trek leader, whose knowledge, experience and passion for the trek is infectious, his ability to paint the picture of what it was like back in 1942 raises goosebumps on your neck. When Cam asked me if I could write a testimonial for him the answer was  easy, YES

Cam comes with a two for one deal, an experienced Kokoda Trek leader and a high ranking serving soldier. To be walking through the Kokoda Track and seeing it also through the eyes of a soldier only adds extra layers to your experience that I never budgetted for. 

Book it now, I wish I was going with you. 

You will be forever touched by the experience. 

​Darren, 42

I had the privledge of walking the Kokoda Track with an amazing group of people, led by a remarkable person by the name of Major Cam James. Although ardous and often heartbreaking, this life changing experience is one of the most memorable experiences of my life, largely due to the efforts of Cam. He made the trek enjoyable and informative through his ability to communicate across the entire group both individually and as a whole. His knowledge on the history of the conflict and the principles of war were invaluable and provided another perspective of the battles that occurred on the track. His commitment to providing as much information and the enormous respect he holds for the locals was also commendable. 

I would not hesitate in recommending trekking and experiencing Kokoda with Cam to anybody interested in completing this amazing challenge. It will change your life!
Time for a change
So what makes us different from the competition? There are quite a few companies that lead treks across Kokoda. At 100% Kokoda we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Some companies make you carry your own food, others keep a "porter fee". At 100% Kokoda, we carry your food for you and prepare all meals from scratch. We use the best porters and pay them what you paid for them, we do not keep a fee.

If you seek military history, you will receive a fully comprehensive educational tour. If you seek less military history, thats ok! You are well catered for and can enjoy the tranquil scenery,  all whilst you enjoy the relaxation of being away from work and all forms of outside communication. Want to escape from the rat race? Give us a call today. 
Do something different for a change. The latest holiday package that pays homage to our history and allows you to achieve a physical feat in a stunning setting.