Frequently asked questions

We know that you will have some questions about trekking with us, let us answer the main ones here.
If your question isn't here, give us a call or email and ask, we are here to help you 
Let us take some of the worry from you by answering the most often asked questions that we receive
Have another question, give us a call, we are here to answer all of your questions. 
  1. 0
    How much does it cost to trek Kokoda?
    Its costs $3900 RRP to trek Kokoda with us, that said we run many specials to help make it cost effective for you.
  2. 1
    What do I get for the fee?
    There is a complete breakdown of what is included on the page titled "Trek Kokoda" on this site.
  3. 2
    Whats not included in my fee?
    The only things not included are your International flights, Travel Insurance, what you consume at the hotel and any souvenirs or snacks you purchase on the track from local village stores.
  4. 3
    How do I place a deposit?
    This is easy, simply deposit 10% of the fee into BSB 064-087 Account number 10185870 in the name of 100 Percent Kokoda referencing your name and the month of the trek.
  5. 4
    Do I get anything after I place a deposit?
    You sure do! We send you a welcome pack that contains a hat, shirt, a bag of nutrition to use in training or on the track plus all of the administration and information you require to be ready to trek.
  6. 5
    What if I change my mind or can no longer participate on that trek?
    No worries! If you change your mind just let us know, as long as its prior to six weeks before your trek we reimburse your money. If its within six weeks, you can transfer it to another trek with 12 months.
  7. 6
    Do I need a Porter to carry my bag?
    This is up to you. We recommend that you use this service for more than the assistance that he provides you. You are supporting the local community and economy.
  8. 7
    How much spending money do I need to take?
    This is up to you. We recommend that you take at least K250 onto the track in small denominations What you spend at the hotel is up to you, we put this on our credit card and pay our account upon check out.
  9. 8
    Do I take my own Tent?
    No! we provide you with one of our company tents to use. This saves you trying to clean your tent for quarantine upon your return
  10. 9
    Where can I wash?
    We provide you a location to wash each day. Each campsite has either a river or shower for you to wash prior to dinner and bed.
  11. 10
    How fit do I need to be?
    Whilst you don't need to be an athlete you will need a level of fitness and prepare for this journey. We are able to and willing to help you prepare for your adventure.
  12. 11
    Are there ticks and leeches?
    Whilst there is, they are not as prevalent as you would think. We show you how to prevent these and help you in the unlikely event that you have one.
  13. 12
    How many Mozzies are there?
    Much like the ticks and leeches, there are mosquitoes. They are not in the swarms that you possibly think they are. Your tent has a mozzie net, we use repellant and wear long clothes at night to prevent stings.
  14. 13
    What is the toilet situation?
    These vary from village to village. Some are holes in the ground and others are a toilet tub that you are able to sit on. You are in the jungle so we ask you to remain a little open minded.
  15. 14
    What food do we eat?
    We have a cook that prepares all meals for you. You will eat carbohydrate heavy food to give you the nutrition that you require to be fuelled for trekking.
  16. 15
    How much food is there?
    We carry so much food that our General Porters are only able to carry half of it. We transport the remaining food to a village in the middle of the track, you will be well fed, we even make you a cake.
  17. 16
    I have a food allergy, can you cater for me?
    Yes! We can provide for most allergies including gluten, dairy, nuts and seafood. We are also able to cater for vegetarians. Do you have a different allergy, call to discuss, I am sure we can cater for you.
  18. 17
    Is there an age limit?
    In short no, but there needs to be a realistic appreciation of what you are undertaking. You will be the best person to decide on maturity of a child or physicality of someone older. Its best to call and discuss.
  19. 18
    How many people will be on my trek?
    This varies from trek to trek. We have a minimum of five and a maximum of 22. We work on a magic number of 12 as we have found that this is most enjoyable for all.
  20. 19
    What equipment do I need?
    We provide you with an equipment list that has both essential and luxury items. We do boot reviews on our Facebook page to assist you buying your footwear for trekking.
  21. 21
    Why should I choose 100% Kokoda?
    Would you do a first-aid course with someone that read a first aid book? You'd want a paramedic, a nurse or a Dr. Why do a military history trek with anyone but a soldier? Anyone can read a book..
  22. 21
    Am I able to see what trekking with 100% Kokoda is like before I trek?
    We run a series of Training Camps/ Information sessions where you are able to take us for a "test drive" before you commit. You can also see our treks on Facebook and Instagram.